Colonial Cords

Colonial Cord
The Veteran Entrepreneur Program
June 20, 2013

History of Trench Art

Trench art is any decorative item made by soldiers, prisoners of war or civilians, where the manufacture is directly linked to armed conflict or its consequences. Common articles that this includes are decorated shell and bullet casings and items carved from wood and bone. Not limited to the World Wars, the history of trench art spans conflicts from the Napoleonic Wars to the present day. Although the practice flourished during World War I, the term 'trench art' is also used to describe souvenirs manufactured by service personnel during World War II. Some items manufactured soldiers, prisoners of war or civilians during earlier conflicts have been retrospectively described as trench art.

Colonial Cords

With respect to today’s modern conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan the War Bracelet has become a main stream item representing soldier’s time deployed. The 550-cord or Para-cord bracelet for service members is made by taking a button from a uniform and attaching it to an OD Green Para cord Bracelet using the Cobra Knot. As Soldiers began returning home from conflict the civilian population saw these and the popularity has grown. The Colonial Cord is the GW Veterans version of this popular item and is a small way to show your support for those who so humbly served our Nation.  The Colonial Cord is available within The Office of Military and Veteran Student Services as well as the GW Bookstore for $10.00.

The Military and Student Veteran Entrepreneur Program

It all starts with an idea……

This program is designed to give student veterans and Military students an idea of a self-sustained business model. The Office of Military and Veteran Student Services along with the GW VETS have hand made the product and named the bracelet “Colonial Cords”. This Colonial cord will also tie in the Student Veteran and traditional student community through common support for what our men and women do for our nation. It also blends the student veterans in with school pride for GW

The monies generated will go to sustain the program as well as programmatic and academic related activities that will be / Military /Student Veteran run and led.

For Example:

·         Leadership Summits

·         Guest Speaker Events

·         Social Programming

·         Mentorship Programs

·         Product Development

·         New Product Introduction


The Student Veterans decided on the product and away from outside promotions( IE the Bookstore), they will be responsible for self-marketing of the product and be able to discuss it as well as advertising it to fellow students throughout their day.  This will help facilitate conversations and bridge transitional gaps between student veterans and traditional students. Once a year the Student Veterans will evaluate the product as well as decide on whether or not they want to introduce a second product.

The Office of Military and Veterans Services will act as oversight to ensure that all responsibilities by all parties are being met.