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POSITION: Graduate Fellow – VALOR Career Services


The Managing Director of Interdisciplinary Career Services seeks a graduate student to work part time in the Center for Career Services as a program assistant for the VALOR Career Services Initiative. This position includes assisting the managing director in the management of the initiative and its events and programs throughout the academic school year.



The Initiative:

VALOR Career Services is an initiative by the GW Center for Career Services to provide specific and tangible career services, support, and programming to the GW VALOR student community in traditional degree programs on campus and those enrolled in distance learning.


Job Duties:

1)      Assist in the planning, logistics, and execution of the initiative’s events and programs throughout the academic school year.

2)      Develop, coordinate, and execute outreach and communications plans for events and programs.

3)      Assist the Managing Director with internal event paperwork and requirements.

4)      Serve as the point of contact for VALOR Career Services, managing the initiative’s email and external communications with students.



1)      Eligible to apply for and receive VA Work Study benefits

2)      Be a rising senior, or graduate student.


Ideal candidates should exhibit the following:

1)      Vested interest in providing career services to those of the VALOR community.

2)      Dependable and able to work without constant supervision or guidance.

3)      Excellent time management skills and ability to meet deadlines.

4)      Quick learner who can train and work in a fast paced environment.


The following are preferred but not required:

1)      Communications and/or event planning experience.

2)      Social media proficiency.

3)      Experience with GW Drupal website platform.

4)      Experience with the Adobe Create Suite.


To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and transcript to [email protected] and in the subject please write: Application for Graduate Fellowship.


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