VA Work-Study

The Office of VALOR Student Services is not currently hiring Work Studies, if you would like to join our wait list please send your application to [email protected] 



If you would like to apply for the Spring 2016 term, please send the following to [email protected]

1. VA Work study application form
Note: in Block 6a please put The George Washington University, Office of VALOR Student Services.
2. Resume
3. Hours available to work
3. Indicate which position(s) you are interested in with our office

 For almost two years now the OVSS has maintained the VA Work Study program at GW to ensure that there are student employment opportunities for our Military, Veteran, and Dependent population. As a VA Work-Study you can work up to 25 hours a week and are paid by the VA through your already established direct deposit. You must be registered for classes during the semester you would like to work and using Military Education benefits at a minimum of ¾ time to take part in the program. 
There are several different parts of our office that you can work in as a VA Work study at our office. Below are the position descriptions.

Office Support
This position involves working in the student veteran services center and handling day to day operations, answering phones, e-mails and customer service as students come into the office.
Several VA Work-Studies
had the chance to see Second Lady
Jill Biden speak at GW in 2013.
TAGS/The Ribbon Project
TAGS:  This position involves working with our office but students do not physically need to be present. The TAGS program is the peer-to-peer support program to help new students get adjusted and situated at GW.  You must have worked for one semester in the office before being allowed to work as a TAGS mentor. 

The Ribbon Project (TRP)The Ribbon Project is a full emersion training program designed to move faculty and staff from the civilian sector through the many phases of military culture and then back into the civilian sector within an institution of higher education. By participating in this training exercise, they will help establish a network of opportunities to help support those who have served within the U.S. Armed Forces and those who continue to serve today. The Ribbon Project training is designed to give a foundation of knowledge on the lives that student veterans and military personnel have led. It covers a wide variety of issues and situations, from the first 30 days in basic training and AIT, to duty stations and combat environments. The Ribbon Project is run by the Office of VALOR Student Services but is also taught and led by current student veterans. 

VA Work-Studies had the chance to go back
stage after the D.C. "Stands for the Troops"
concert and meet comedian Jim Breur.
Department of Veteran Affairs 

This position involves working at the Department of Veteran Affairs. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has several positions open in the Office of Employment and Opportunity (OEO). This requires veterans who are proficient in MS Office, specifically Excel. These work study students would assist in different veteran employment projects that would involve utilizing excel spreadsheets to calculate and analyze numbers as they relate to veteran employment.